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What as a Waseca resident can I do to improve Waseca Lakes
Some issues are larger scale, however, and need to be addressed at a community level. We all need to be aware of the way that land use in the watershed affects our lakes. A lake is a mirror image of its watershed. Each time water movement to the lakes is changed as a result of urbanization, agriculture, industrial or residential development, wetland drainage or influx of non-watershed water, there is a potential water-quality impact. These issues might seem overwhelming but many of the watershed impacts from a quantitative perspective are known and understood. We need to seriously consider creating a counter for every impact we generate in the lakes\' watersheds, so that no net environmental damage occurs. For example, when a new development is being planned we should consider requiring the establishment of storm detention basins to handle runoff from all of the impervious surfaces in the development. \"No net gain\" of runoff quantity or rapidity should be seriously considered. We need to fully incorporate water quality protection into our manner of doing business, so that our natural surroundings are protected for the use and enjoyment of future generations. Second, we need to become a unified body of informed citizens. A well organized and informed group that understands the issues will have much greater success than one driven only by emotion and hearsay. There are many different issues to address concerning the improvement of the lakes and some of these issues are expensive and politically contentious. Taking this into account only heightens the need to present a strong well-informed case for any changes being proposed. Currently the Waseca Lakes Association is starting to form that unified body but good broad representation from within the community is necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.