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Clear Lake has been impacted by very heavy infestations of curlyleaf pondweed and Eurasian watermilfoil in 2021.   These invasive weeds decay and release phosphorous which causes alage blooms.  Our hot and dry weather have also contributed.  To compare water clarity over the years by month, see our secchi disk readings showing water clarity since 2005. 

View or download water clarity data below:


  - Clear Lake Water Clarity 2005-2021
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 Update on Mechanical Harvester for AIS Weed Management

1.  The Waseca County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of a mechanical weed harvester from Lake Minnetonka

2.  The WLA supported this purchase as more acres can be addressed each year with a mehcanical harvester than with an aquatic herbicide permit  Also, physically removing the aquatic invasive weeds from the lake results in a more immediate impact.

Stay tuned as details on how this will all work are yet to be determined.

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The purpose of Waseca Lakes Association shall be to improve and maintain the water quality of the Waseca lakes and adjoining watershed for all users. The group will be organized as a non-profit organization to promote involvement and input from all watershed residents, interested persons and organizations through communication, action, and education.
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